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The FWC Hospice needs your support


by ROBERT Miller

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GAUTENG, South Africa


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The FWC Hospice needs your support to continue providing 24 hour Palliative care to terminally ill patients that are referred to the hospice from local hospitals.
These patients are normally unable to contribute towards the cost of their treatment to ensure that they receive the best above average care possible in our facilities; we are appealing to the public and business to make a contribution towards these costs.

Since 1991, The Hospice has been making positive and impacting changes through active community outreach and participation in HurstHill, Gauteng.

Today, we have increased our capacity to a building that houses our HPCA accredited 50-bed hospice. Death is an unavoidable part of life, but the provision of care and comfort at the time of death is less so. The most basic care patients with life-limiting diseases and illnesses receive is home-based care. This causes immense economic and emotional strain on loved ones and creates anxiety for everyone involved. The journey for those with life-limiting illnesses does not have to be fought alone. FWC’s Hospice allows patients to feel less of a burden to their loved ones improves the quality of remaining life to guarantee that patients appreciate time left with family and allows them to experience a natural, dignified and pain-free death.

We set the standard for compassionate and comfortable end of life care. Our goal is to ensure that patients have the freedom from unnecessary suffering and takes the strain off loved ones while providing world-class treatment. We have the resources, capacity and infrastructure to ensure that your loved ones are well taken of physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We strive to surpass the clients’ expectations while maintaining the highest standard of medical care and ethics. We pledge along with the patient’s loved ones that they receive the best medical care in a loving and caring atmosphere. Our core values of Commitment, Compassion, Faithfulness, Peace & Gentleness focus on the needs of each individual patient.”

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